I have had a lot of people ask me where I got these square prints from on my wall, so I decided to blog about them!

I literally have about a zillion images on my computer of my kids and was getting sick of them just taking up hard drive space. I love seeing my family in print on my wall, but know how expensive that can get-and then when you throw in frames, canvases, albums, etc...it only adds to the expense. 

I don't always want to frame every image I take, and was trying to think of a unique and cost effective way of displaying them. After doing a lot of research, I came across Artifact Uprising and their awesome square prints that I absolutely love AND they start at $14 for 25 prints, what is better than that?! They come in different sizes, are thick and have a matte finish-which look really good as a stand alone print. I prefer matte over glossy anyways, it just has more of a finished, refined look than glossy does in my opinion. 

Here is one way to display the square prints, but there are a bunch of other ways you can display them as well. I always love turning to Pinterest for inspiration- type in 'display square prints' and bam! there you go! Inspiration for days! 

I hope this helps in giving you ideas on how to get those images off of your computer and onto your walls in a fun and fresh way!