I am looking for a young family or a young family with a newborn in May or April 2017

What is a lifestyle Session? A in-home lifestyle session is done in the client's home. Everyone in the family should treat it as a regular session and look put together. You don't have to get all dolled up, but still try and look presentable and color coordinate some of your outfits. It is more documentary in terms of me just wanting you to be you in your home, we will have fun and find activities to do-but I will mainly be following you around your home photographing this time in your life. We will take the occasional "posed" picture, but overall I just want everyone to have fun. :)

Who am I looking for? I am looking for a young family or a family with a newborn-a newborn should be no more than one month old at the shoot date. 

This is a portfolio building session for me, so the photo shoot is free, along with all the digitals from the shoot. You will have the option to purchase a beautiful 8x8 album from Millers Lab for $100 designed by me if you wish. 

You will have to sign a release because this session as mentioned will be used for my portfolio and marketing purposes. 

If you feel like your family will be a good fit, please contact me @tashaboinphotography@gmail.com. I will ask for you to send me a snapshot of your family, so I can narrow down my decision. 

THANK YOU ALL, I am excited!! It is so important to document the real life moments of our everyday!