How to capture your summer

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Every year, I try to do a 100 days of summer project. Summer’s are crazy hectic, can sometimes feel stressful and always go by waaaay too quickly - but these personal projects are always a gift to be able to look back upon at the end of summer.

It never fails to make me realize all of the amazing memories we make, even on the most mundane of days! AND bonus...sometimes creating fun actives for the kids to do for the sake of a good shot, ends up being some of the most fun memories they will have throughout the summer!

My top rules on how to document your summer:

  • Bring your camera everywhere, commit to it...
  • Find activities that your kids enjoy doing, and they will be more willing to want their picture to be taken
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sprinkler time = fun

  • Don’t wait for the weather to be good to capture memories, fun can be had in all of the elements!
  • Bring props, but make sure they are props that can flow well into the story of your day. If you are going to the beach, bring a fun hat, beach towel or blanket…if it is raining, have them use an umbrella… you get the picture! 
honeybee preschool -1-10.jpg

summer hats create fun shadows

  • Try to make a list of things you want to remember about them and capture that! i.e.: My daughter loves to bring me flower and/or weed bouquets and I know she won’t be doing that for much longer, so I made a point to capture it! 
honeybee preschool -1-5.jpg

weed bouqet

  • Which brings me to next point, WRITE things down-make lists, it is the Only way I get anything accomplished in my life! :) 
  • Create a scavenger hunt of things you want to find or things for your kiddos to find and check them off as you go- you can make the list as small or as big as you want, but I can guarantee that fun will be had by all in trying to accomplish checking items off of your list!  
  • Create a grid or an album of all the pictures you took! Your kids will love to look back upon all of the amazing memories you made throughout summer as much as you! This app make it super easy!
  • If you feel like taking it to another level, print your favorites! I am a huge advocate of printing your images… my favorite consumer lab is:

enjoy documenting your family! it is one of the most important things you can do! Be your  families storyteller!