This month for our project, we were supposed to do a video portrait of somebody. I chose my oldest daughter, Emma. She is definitely not an enthusiast of having her picture taken at the moment, which is why I wanted to do her...I figured it would be a challenge. :) I also wanted to focus on her because our family is getting ready to welcome our son and last child in June, so I feeling a bit nostalgic about my first born, and how fast she is growing up. I feel like we just welcomed her into the world not so long ago. 

I wanted to focus on asking her some questions about things she is currently interested in, and well, as you will see-the awkwardness set in. Which initially annoyed me, but then I realized this is who she is at the moment and I should capture this awkwardness. 

This is part of my blog circle, check out this beautiful video by the talented Fiona Yates  ! 

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