WEATHER & cancellation/rescheduling policy:

Alaska is probably one of the hardest places to be a photographer when it comes to weather and light. Golden Hour in the summer is LOOOONG after the kids bedtime and Golden Hour in the winter is in the middle of the day! I have been photographing in harsh mid day sun for years and I know how to handle it; however, I prefer to shoot as late in the day as possible...but first and foremost I want everyone in the family to be napped, fed and happy! So, ultimately it is your call on time, but the light will be the most flattering the later in the day in the summer. Winter time is a whole different ballgame. :) It is nice to be able to have sunset sometimes at 3:00 p.m., and winter light is just gorgeous! 

I absolutely LOVE shooting and working with light, but we tend to have a lot of overcast days in Alaska, but not to fret- overcast days can be great 

The best times to shoot on a sunny day is in the evening-which can be a challenge in Alaska. I am definitely used to working around the crazy daylight hours here, but prefer to shoot when the sun is lower on the horizon. Our "golden" hour in the summer time is LATE, so we have to just work around it and figure out what works best for your family. 

I do not give deposit refunds if you decide to cancel because of weather.  Of course, there are some exceptions, if you are doing family photos and have an infant or a small child that you are worried about getting cold or wet, I am happy to reschedule or wait out the storm! 

Weather & Cancelation Policy:

As we already mentioned, weather is very unpredictable in Alaska. 

I do not mind shooting in the rain, but prefer to not shoot in a torrential downpour as it can damage my gear.  Choosing great photo ready and season appropriate outfits helps; think layers, even in the summer. If the session has started and the weather becomes unbearable, I am happy to wait it out with you!

Ultimately, the final call on cancellation or rescheduling is up to you. I will stay in touch with you when weather might be an issue!  

When you schedule a session with me, I am turning away other work, and I set aside time in my schedule specifically for you. As a result, I have to charge a fee when you choose to cancel or do not show up.

Cancelations and No Show Fees:

1 Day (24 hours) or Less     $50 Cancelation Fee

No Show:                             $100 No Show Fee

Photographer Cancelation - No fees charged

** Definitions:

Cancelation: canceling anytime up to 24 hours prior to your session

No Show: not showing up for your session

If you sign up for my newsletter, I also send out emails/alerts when the week is looking to be a good weather week!