Do you want to take your photography to the next level, but are stuck and can't see where to go, or know exactly what you want but don't know how to get there? I would love to help you. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

I'm a lifestyle & documentary photographer and Family Storyteller, Mama of three little ones and Mentor. I'm passionate about education and photography. I'm a Click Pro at Click & Co, which is a women’s organization of professional photographers and highly skilled artists whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, and artistic and technical excellence. From child and family photographers to wedding photographers, senior photographers, fine art photographers, and beyond, Click Pro is a community rich in talent and diversity. To be considered for membership, applicants must submit a 150 image portfolio for review. SO, I've been through pretty strict reviews myself. I've also got 7 years of experience as a pro photographer under my belt!

 I will be happy to share with you everything I know with you and help you on your journey!


portfolio review-online

$50- up to 200 images

We will find strong photography elements and points to work on, set up photography goals and areas for improvement. Sets for Click Pro and other companies.

You will send me a link to your photos/set (website, Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram - wherever your photos are located). I will thoroughly review and dissect each one and record video feedback. I will send you a link to download it from Dropbox, or attach the video via email.

portfolio review- in person

$150 - up to 200 images

We will meet for coffee at our favorite spot, and I will point out your strongest points and ways to improve your work.